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Minotaur of Suburbia
121 Elizabeth Street.
Suburbia is your labyrinth
Theseus the estate agent has settled you in nicely,
in what he calls: A modern Daedalus.
The view stabbed you in your beast heart
and made from wood like the kitchen floor
Strangled with a deal
You paid the mortgage with your life.
Do you watch the children on their way to school? And sing with them their seven times tables
And wonder how they'd taste?
Or pace and paw
and Grunt and Roar
In your
Cretan home?
A cat plays in your garden: is Aphrodite
Behind her looks of longing
Animal lust
It's enough to drive you mad
Where you lie, in front of the television dozing.
You've been here for years
Gosh doesn't time go so fast.
The Black 'For Sale' sign is still out the front
Do you hear the property value falling?
Or is that Aegeus passing by
121 Elizabeth Street
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Pick me up
I looked around the club. A few mildly interested gazes hovered like flies about my person, before one such glance and it's source descended upon me.
"It's too early! A bundle of neurons squealed anxiously in the back of my mind; I hadn't yet even begun my first drink, and had none of that liquid courage that I relied upon. Dread's clammy hand caught my throat, and I knew the speech centres in my brain had stalled. My vision came to my aid though. As my assailants features came into focus, beneath the lights surrounding the bar, I realised my concerns were unfounded; she was good-looking, but not so impressive that she'd blow any of my circuitry.
She smiled ravishingly, and swung her hips: "Don't I know you from somewhere?"
Her bad pickup line missed me by a mile, but my eyes were drawn magnetically to her legs.
"Hmm," I said, following along with the imaginary script. I frowned thoughtfully, to look rugged and masculine like the hero in a typical 50's crime film.
"University maybe? I
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2nd Deadly Sin
The recently used barbeque hissed quietly to ittself, and a glorious greasy aroma filled the warm air. It was a smell that pricked the saliva glands and pierced the stomach like a sword. I sucked on the air greedily, trying to compensate for the lunch I missed an hour before.
I didn't go as far as Harry though, who had actually attended said lunch and allegedly eaten 10 sausages and buns. He leant over the steaming hot plate and pressed his face so close I thought he was going to lick it-he probably would have had James not returned at that moment, staggering beneath a big white cake box.
The sound it made as it touched the table behind us startled Harry from his reverie, and he bounded over in excitement.
"20 bucks", said James drily, "you better be able to do it." He pulled back the lid, and plumes of shimmering sugar dust blossomed outwards. Twelve golden donuts, each as big as two of my fists, buried in a beach of sugar, and so full of jam that they bulged like pumpkins stared back
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When I was four I had a toy that was a wooden doll about ten centimeters tall. It was made from lots of little wooden segments: A painted bead for the head, three for the arms, three for the legs, with two bigger cubes for the hips and trunk.
All the pieces were held together by a taut piece of fishing line, that held the doll in a rigid military stance atop a wooden cylinder with a button underneath. When pushed, the string lost tension, and the doll collapsed. It shot back to attention at a spine snapping speed when released.
I mention this toy because I had forgotten about it completely, until I was reminded of it by my sisters friend before their school ball.
Thirty minutes had elapsed between her arrival at the 'befores' party, and the arrival of the professional photographer. Given the little amount of token alcohol provided by parents pretending their seventeen year old brats were responsible, it was no small achievement that she got drunk so quickly.
It was her attempts to stay
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I was going to die within the hour; there was no doubt about it. Jon was to be plagued by death for the rest of his life, whereas I only had 57 more minutes of suffering. It was prophesised I would father four children (neglecting the minimal amount of time I had left, and any willing females capable of producing quadruplets on demand).
'Probably clone them from DNA maybe?' Jon offered.
Fair enough. This didn't explain how my fifth born would die from a horrific accident in his youth though.
Then Jon received a Doom prophecy, and told me of an eon long war I would fight in the distant future. I looked at my watch. Thirty-seven minutes remained.
'Can 36 minutes from now be counted as 'distant future'?' I asked.
'Yeah, I dunno,'  Jon replied, 'I don't Poker with Tarot Cards is a very good idea.'
'Nonsense. I raise five dollars.'
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Origami appears to me as a parallel art form. Not backward, because if you reverse normal art, you won't get origami. Origami is like an art form that might have occurred if an ordinary artist had been less mentally sound and had a profound penchant for prisms. When i see paper arranged in multifarious triangles, I don't see a swan or a landscape, I see a tortured piece of pressed and dyed tree, and am filled with pity for the lifeform that was reduced to this.
I have yet to meet someone who doesn't greet a piece of origami art with a puzzled expression, pick it up gingerly, peer at it, and say emptily, 'Oh, how...nice.' and put it down (or drop it) while I hopelessly try to explain what it is meant to be.
I once attended an origami class on a whim that cost me 3 dollars and a rainy tuesday afternoon after school. Optimistically i thought it would expand my mind. The only expansion that occurred was in my stomach that i stuffed with biscuits, tea and coffee. Had i had a bit more sugar,
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A gent
Sunlight reflected from the water bottle onto the agents face, like a golden smile. He wasn't smiling, a smile on a face like that would be like wings on bacon. Swallowing the last of the water, he dropped the bottle and the smile into the bin at his side, and without moving his head, scanned the crowd beneath him. He stood firm, a monument in an elevated corner over the city square, with a fantastic view of it's boundaries; formed a bank, a glittering shopping complex, and gigantic sloping stone stairs that led to the underground trains.
An imperceptible flicker of eyelids behind darkened glasses, and he had found what he was looking for.
Six small dark hemispheres,the kind that house video cameras, poking out of anywhere you wouldn't think to look. A fact which makes them particularly easy to find when you want to.
The subject was uncomfortably close to three of these protuberances, but approached cautiously from the east,it was decided there would be no evidence of the pending 'tran
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Limerick Numero Uno
There once was a girl called Louise,
who was addicted to cheese.
She ate so much now,
that she looks like a cow,
and prefers to eat grass on her knees.
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Time in Weeks
It was Thursday when I began my walk
an in between day, meaning:
to me or no one.
I lost Friday underfoot,
I slipped over the way,
the end seemed more important
than this.
I did not yet realise, that this is all I have.
Saturday is cold and bleak
I shouldn’t be here,
When everyone is gone,
Lost and changed
and no more anything to me
Just as I am nothing
to Them
There seemed to be a promise for Sunday,
somewhere something good might happen someone once told me.
In truth it’s no different to the other days,
and I cannot see the sun for tears.
Monday wakes me before I realise
I’ve fallen asleep walking
am I supposed to start
Am I only this far?
Tuesday is Melancholy:
Only now do I realise,
It’s the walk that was most important,
I wasn’t to make it here unchanged,
Those other days made me,
And thus I arrived.
On Wednesday I take my rest,
I see some others far off,
Little more than distant flickers, only present for an instant.
I hear one talking lou
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Insidious Square
If you think inside the square,
you’ll neglect the other shapes.
and you’ll neglect the other shapes,
if you think inside the square.
Why not think inside the circle,
without beginning, end, or middle?
it is a much more wholesome state of mind,
free of all the squares dull drivel.
If you must think inside the square,
at least think in two or three,
now your not thinking in squares at all,
but Asymmetrically.
To think inside the square,
is not as logical as it seems,
of course it is not logical
to block out all your dreams.
So down with the square (although It’s already there)
and up with everything else.
When you have abandoned the square,
You’ll find a much better personal self.
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My calculator can do sums
of one and two and three,
but how it does I do not know
yet I’m sure it wasn’t me.
I only press the buttons in,
and watch the glass dial flicker
for though I do calculations fast
it can do them quicker.
There must be something very smart inside,
because I can count to ten,
But it knows the square root of five,
Reversed and split again.
It occurred to me that in this case,
of digits and of dials,
There is a little thing inside
Calculating all the while.
Perhaps it never comes outside,
Ppreferring peace, it slumbers,
surrounded by the powers it wields
over things that we call numbers.
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My fly has come undone
My fly has come undone,
He saw the world for what it really is;
tt took a deadly toll upon his sanity.
He spirals out of control
buzzing chaotically
ramming into the window pane,
trying, but in vain
To evade the grasp of mortality, and the Futures filthy claws.
Yet he grows weary,
his fear had him in it’s hands,
and he falls to the floor,
Dead before he lands.
There he remains,
A grotesque statement to life, of mine, of yours, and everyone.
That much is true,
Of my fly that came undone.
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Shadow Painter
With a paintbrush in his hand
and a bucket full of a shade,
He paints every shadow,
From a flicker to full glade.
You might see him sometimes,
shimmering in the heat up from the road,
where he will be stooping
painting shadows row on row.
In the darkness of a storm,
you might see a figure running by,
most likely that will be him
gathering shadows spilt into the sky.
His paintbrush is a moonbeam,
plucked from that spheres crown
dressed in the finest glimmers
Of sunshine upside down.
A creature of the shadow,
he will paint himself away,
when all the tones are laid correct,
to return another day.
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Shopping window models
glare contemptuously among the crowds
from the glory of the plastic pedestal.
Artificial pride tweaks their features,
as they stand, upholding the transience
that is ill-proportioned perfection.
Conceit imperturbable,
in cloth or nude
They stand before the world alone
a physical statement of the lewd.
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Ben Matthews
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